Increasing personal connection

Help your team ENGAGE, GROW, and THRIVE


How do we increase meaningful human connection in a digital world?

A new study by the Association for Psychological Science shows that being ignored, excluded, or overlooked at work inflicts more damage on our physical and mental health than being harassed.

Such exclusion is actually more likely to spur job dissatisfaction, health problems, and resignations.  More than 70% of respondents said they had experienced some form of exclusion in the prior six months, while only 48% reported being harassed or bullied during that time period. What’s more, ostracism was more likely to douse individuals’ sense of belonging and their organizational commitment and engagement compared with harassment.

When given the opportunity, people want to make new friends and be included on the team; regardless of where the team exists (at work, school, church or in their neighborhood).  What's missing these days is an easy, organic way to do so.

Gratio has created software that helps people in an organization be progressively engaged by making sure they are actively connected and contributing.  The platform then monitors their overall progress, provides insights, and automates the process for greater engagement or re-engagement.

Our software can help to increase engagement and effectiveness for companies, faith-based organizations, and schools. 


How does it work?


Join & Update

The user texts to join or their organization uploads their information. The platform then texts a link for the member to update their profile at their leisure.

Updating the profile is quick, painless, and helps to facilitate the right match!

match & Connect

The software matches a host or mentor with a small group of users based on interests, availability, demographics and other factors determined by their organization.  The platform creates a meeting for the group and texts invitations. The group meets with confidence knowing they have at least one thing in common. Authentic personal connection happens!



Measure & Engage

The platform’s admin dashboard will provide metrics on participation, connections made, overall engagement, and other KPIs so that you can monitor  effectiveness and engagement.

Based on engagement markers, the system can flag at-risk members for more care. The platform constantly learns and offers suggestions on how to strengthen engagement for users across your entire organization.

Our Mission

Create a world where everyone belongs.

Gratio Technologies provides connection and engagement platforms for organizations that help members engage, grow, and thrive in community.

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